Summer Camp in Central NJ

Franklin Montessori School offers Summer Camp in Central NJ for the children of ages 2.5-7. Summer Camp starts from the first week of July to the last week of August. Children are divided into two groups according to their age. Teachers follow thematic learning system during summer and plan all the activities according to weekly themes. Students are provided with extra information and they observe different experiments to explore the new phenomenon.

Summer camp activities and themes are as follows.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts projects are specially designed for preschool age group. These projects help to bring out the creativity and imagination. They will be making Dioramas, napkin ring, boat and other 3-d arts. This is one of the programs that children enjoy the most.

Music and Dance

The physical benefits of early childhood music are outstanding. Fine and gross motor skills can be improved through improvisational dancing and handling of the instruments. Vocal and speech development improve through singing. (Have you honestly ever noticed how some children who have to attend speech therapy seem to do great with rhyming and poems?). Listening skills and concentration aslo improve with aural training. The old-fashioned goals of sharing and cooperation are reinforced with the sharing of instruments and encouragement of other students.
During our summer camp we give equal importance to music and dance .We have our Teachers prepare special lessons for our preschoolers.

Science and Nature

We learn different aspects of science by conducting simple science experiments. Our campers also explore nature. They collect leaf samples, bark samples from the trees and examine them under magnifying glass.

Fitness with fun

The Fun Fitness mission is to help children create and maintain healthy, strong bodies and minds through fun fitness games, exercises and programs for children of all ages. Yoga creates unique workout environment that focuses on effective and efficient training. Functional Intelligent Training system. During these classes we emphasize on everything from life skills – like respect, discipline, teamwork which focus on health, fitness, stranger and bully prevention. When these skills start forming at a young age, the powerful, confident, successful child will become a powerful, confident, successful adult.

Sports and Games

While organized sports and games let children enjoy playing they also help develop social skills, such as sharing, taking turns, following directions and of course, value of being good team players.


Introduction to foreign language at an early age is very important. Our Spanish teacher has prepared special lessons for the campers to provide them with more vocabulary and songs in Spanish.

Field trips

Filed trips bring joy and happiness on a child’s face, whether it is a visit to farm or local library. Children learn best through their experiences because they are naturally curious, active, and eager to learn and try new things. Field trips help young children learn about their environment, themselves, their communities, and the world at large through hands-on learning and discovery.

Water games

On a hot summer day, water is the best way to bring a smile to a child’s face. We’ve added water games as part of our curriculum every week, to cool kids off on a hot summer day.Paint with Water, Water Balloon Toss with a Twist, Splash Tagare just to name few.