Comments from our parents:

Franklin Montessori School is one of the best decisions that my husband could have ever made for my son. Initially I was a little apprehensive as I thought the place was small and the staff was limited but now I realize that the best things come in small packages. The teachers are very nice and very detailed – they spend quality time with the kids. My son has learnt so much in the short time he has been in this school. He is reading books by himself, he spells like a pro, he is already interested in space, geography and science. He surprises me with all that he knows – amphibians, life-cycle of the butterfly, five sense, continents, the oceans around USA, the capital of NJ, Bordering countries like Mexico and Canada, life-cycle of a frog, telling time …. he is so knowledgeable. He is also more confident and active. The curriculum is so varied – from Yoga to Painting to Maths to Language to Science. He is turning out into a well balanced child with a very curious and questioning mind. He is social and interactive. He loves Ms Joysula and tells me every day that he is going to miss her. Ms Jesse is so loving and caring that when I leave him in her hands I know he is not going to miss me too much. Ms Aurin so talented that it is rubbing off on my son. 🙂
Thank you for doing so much for my son!!!
Ms Rahman you are doing a great job with our kids! Thank you!!

-Ibha Kumar

Franklin Montessori has come a long way with so many activities that have been introduced in the last few months. The way the school has been transformed in the last couple of months with a variety of activities kids are being exposed too is fabulous! Thanks to everyone putting in personalized effort with every single child! Aarav looks forward to goto school every single day!

-Shipra Ahuja

Franklin montessori school gives good basics for early schooling .My both kids go here they have lot of activities in the school like yoga ,math,science and art …the art work they do is really awesome .They have many hands on experiments which help them to explore more.My kids enjoy their school and thanks to all the teachers for taking good care of them .

-Kiranmayi Kondaveti

Franklin Montessori School has very friendly and caring staff/teachers. New management has very good ideas and learning concepts. I would highly recommend to parent.-Jay Patadia

Franklin Montessori under new management has changed a lot. Added lot of energy and enthusiasm for kids as they encourage art of painting for kids to learn. I like the manager as she is always happy and loves her Academy kids. I personally recommend this facility to my friends.

 -Ram Seelam

My son learned a lot ,they have very good teachers the new management are doing very well with their new ideas.

-Supraja Gilla