Cultural Areas


The purpose of the art area is to provide a variety of art media for the child to use for self-expression. The child will be shown how to use the instrument and one-to-two things you can do with it. At that point the child is free to create. Exercises for art appreciation and history will often be included in many other areas in the classroom.


The child absorbs knowledge directly into his psychic life —– impressions do not merely enter his mind, they form it. According to Maria Montessori, children are very good in learning big words. In Biology they will be introduced to the new vocabulary such as parts of flower, body parts of a Bird, vertebrates and invertebrates and so on so forth. They develop their vocabulary and also work with simple science experiments.


The purpose of geography exercises is to introduce the child to his place in the cosmos. These exercises are offered as physical geography and political geography presentations. In physical geography, the children learn about land and water formations. The political geography exercises help the children understand their relationship to the rest of the world. Global maps are introduced first, then continents and countries. Other exercises are also used to introduce the culture of countries around the world.


History exercises are also part of our curriculum to awaken interest in the child. These exercises give the child an orientation of “long ago”. Also, the child is offered presentations of the passage of time and how it is recorded or kept. The children are given these exercises to help their imagination and help them understand how to attach language to this passage of time. Thanks giving and Earth day celebrations are good examples.


The steps to understanding music are absorption, exploration and composition. Absorption is best accomplished through watching and listening. Exploration is accomplished through imitation, singing and directed lessons. We offer music classes once a week. Our music specialist comes with different instruments and lovely songs. Children participate and play with instruments.

Foreign Language

Language development begins before birth and continues to be a major part of the child’s development for the first three years of life. We can best help a child develop good language skills by including a foreign language in child’s daily life routine. Numbers, shapes, colors, months and days in Spanish is our daily routine.