Our Mission

FMS is one of the best Best Nursery school NJ and our mission is to assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely, because

“The child’s progress does not depend only on his age, but also on being free to look around him.” and “Free choice is one of the highest of all the mental processes.”Maria Montessori

FMS Philosophy

The programs and practices of FMS, Best Nursery school NJ, are based on the philosophy and teachings of Maria Montessori, a pioneer educator and investigator of child development. We believe in, educating children, from the learning disabled to the gifted, and for helping children to become self-motivated, independent and life-long learners. We understand that the most important period of life is from birth to the age of six as this is the time when intelligence is being formed. Early stimulation is very important for success in later learning. Our mixed age classrooms provide an opportunity for a child to actively engage in variety of learning activities at his own pace.

FMS Family

FMS is one of the Best Nursery school NJ. Our teachers are dedicated to nourish and nurture a child both intellectually and socially. We strongly believe as Maria Montessori said “All our handling of the child will bear fruit, not only at the moment, but in the adult they are destined to become.”
Our teachers are Montessori certified and trained and have years of experience as early child hood educators. They are CPR and first aid certified